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[The video opens to Madoka sitting on a bed in a Pokémon center, an Espurr and her Purrloin in her lap, a Pidgey resting on her shoulder, and a Hoppip sitting on her head. She seems to be doing well, though there's a sad note in her smile if one were to look hard enough.]

It's been a long while since I said anything, myself, on here, and I have a lot of good news!

[She tries to gesture around without disturbing any of her napping Pokemon.]

We made it to a place called Violet City a few weeks ago! I've been staying in the Pokemon Center, in return for helping out here part-time... I'm not the best, but I think Nurse Joy and the Chanseys really appreciate the help, anyway.

[She gingerly picks up her (obviously very young) Espurr, showing her sleepy self to the camera. ...mrr?]

When we got to Cherrygrove, I checked my PC- Greed-san's egg was there, and safe, like he said it would be in the PC! Amy hatched about a week ago, and she's been a big help at helping us find things around here... She's also very cute, hehe.

[Amy is tucked gently back into her lap, curled up against Purrloin's belly, who starts grooming the top of her head as a token of affection.]

I also have caught new Pokemon! Sandy, [She gestures to the Pidgey on her shoulder,] was the first Pokemon I ever caught, and ever battled against. She's really tough- between Sandy and Purrloin, we made it through the Routes here fairly easily.

And I caught Hoppip just a day or so before we arrived here. It's getting into fall now, and the monks in Sprout Tower are really grateful for Sandy and Hoppip's moves that kick up wind- they move the leaves around a lot more easily than their brooms...

How is everyone? I know it's a little late, but I've put this off too long anyway...
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U-um... Hello?

[She’s peering at the small device, pressing a few buttons at random to test their functions. She’s clearly not looking into the camera.]

What is this...? Where am I?

[Her gaze is cast around the small town she’s in, searching for any familiar faces. She gives a despairing frown behind her when she finally reaches it, clearly realizing she can’t get back into that house, then turns to the PokéGear again with a slightly more hopeful expression.]

Hello? Is there anyone there who can hear me? I hope this isn’t just something made by that Witch… Oh… It’s Madoka- Hitomi-chan? Are you there? Can you hear me?

[It’s just then that she seems to notice she can see herself in the device, and there’s a light on- blinking. The moment she realizes that it’s recording shows on her face like the dawn, and she blushes, hiding her face slightly while still looking at the display.

To the side of the screen, her bag visibly shakes, though it takes her a moment more of staring at herself to actually notice. Her hair and ribbons are all messed up from getting out of that bed, and she’s trying to tidy herself up... But what’s that?

A purple cat’s head sticks up out of her bag with something in its mouth, and she startles, dropping the PokéGear in the dirt.]

Ah! There’s...!

[The sounds of turning around in the dirt are picked up by the microphone. It can be assumed she’s gone over to it.]

What are you doing in there, kitty? That’s my stuff...

[The Purrloin yowls at her, and she can be heard falling back onto her bottom as it escapes with its prize.]

W-wait! Come back...!

[The PokéGear is left to record the sky for a few more seconds before automatically turning off; it can be assumed she forgot it there in her haste to chase the thieving Pokémon.]


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