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[Amy the Espurr's eyes are the first thing viewers see of the footage, staring into the camera to make sure it's on. es. Yep, all in working order.

It then pans over to the battle starting in the background, between Madoka and a sage in the tower- it seems she is trying to best the tower's challenge and earn Flash. She must be much more confident in her team now.

Amy holds the camera as best she can, getting Madoka's leg and the rest of the battlefield in the shot.]

"Purrloin, you're up first!"
"Go, Bellsprout!"

[Purrloin leaps from his position beside Madoka and onto the space between the trainers, while Bellsprout pops out of the sage's ball, ready to fight. The former's hackles are raised, and he seems a lot larger than when Madoka first arrived.

Purrloin is faster than Bellsprout, so it moves first.]

"Use Fury Swipes!"

[Madoka knows Purrloin has no moves that are "super effective" against Bellsprout after facing the other trainers in the Tower, so she thinks using one over the others won't do any good.

Purrloin surges forward, raking at Bellsprout with his claws, though getting in range for a retaliation.]

"Bellsprout, hit it with your Vine Whip! There's no way it can dodge at this range!"

[He's right. Bellsprout whips Purrloin across the face and shoulders a few times before he can jump away, though Madoka doesn't seem too fettered.]

"That looks like it hurt... Okay, now use Pursuit!"

[Purrloin dashes forward in a zig-zag pattern, then at the last second almost seems to disappear- so that it can surprise Bellsprout by jumping behind it, and then hit.

Bellsprout fainted.

Purrloin returns to Madoka's side of the field and idly cleans his paw, waiting for his next victim opponent, while Madoka jumps for joy a few times.]

"Great job!! That was really quick!"

[The sage, chagrined, brandishes his next Pokéball at her.]

"We'll see how easy my Hoothoot is for you! Let's go!" [And so Hoothoot appears on the field. Purrloin continues to sit and lick his paw, even going so far as to clean behind one of his ears with it, which seems to piss the Hoothoot off. HOO!!]

[Unfortunately, Purrloin is still faster than Hoothoot.]

"We're not scared! Purrloin, go ahead and use Sc-"

[Rather than using "Sc", Purrloin yowls and hisses at the Hoothoot, which hoots back at him more aggressively. This prompts him to get back into a battle stance.]

"...Or use Torment, I guess..." [This sounds like it may not be the first time that's happened. The sage smirks.]

"You need to train your Purrloin better, it seems! Hoothoot, use Hypnosis!"
"Oh, no!"

[Unfortunately for Purrloin, he was staring straight at Hoothoot when its eyes began glowing with psychic energy, and thus did his pupils go all spirally and did he fall asleep. Amy calls a quiet, concerned espurr! and Madoka gasps. The sage laughs.]

"Alright Hoothoot, now Tackle! Tackle!! Ta-" [Purrloin is struck twice before he manages to roll out of the way and stand up again, with a yawn. Madoka and Amy are relieved.]

"Purrloin! You're awake! I'm so glad... Try and hit it with Pursuit!"

[Purrloin dashes forward in the same manner again, though Hoothoot hops into the air in an attempt at dodging. Purrloin simply strikes it in the face instead, for another K.O. Madoka jumps for joy again as Purrloin makes his way back to her, elated, and then... Purrloin begins to glow.

Madoka stares, mystified, as his form changes in the bright light-

and from that light which blinds the camera for a moment comes a new Liepard, who shakes himself to rid some sparkles from his new fur. Madoka gasps again.]

"Purrloin!?" Liepard!
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